Grant and Nettie


We serve on Carry The Kettle Nakoda First Nation, east of Regina, Saskatchewan. 

Our ministry varies, depending what time of year it is. But we’ve had many days somewhat like this … Start with prayer time, then preparation for a Bible lesson and game time, make a snack for the Bible Club kids, an early supper, then on our way to Carry The Kettle.

At the Reserve there will be visits, and at the school there will be set-up where we’ve held kids’ club and youth group.

Our current prayer focus:
  1. For wisdom and guidance, as I talk to the ones calling in for Tribal Trails, that I will direct them to Jesus.
  2. We are keeping in touch with the people on the reserve by phone and trying to encourage them.
  3. Pray that the kids, that came to club, will remember what they have been taught.
  4. Pray as we explore different options of reaching people with the Gospel.

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Elsie Lewandowski

I've spent three years in the Philippines, four in Nigeria and about 18 years in Cameroon. I’ve served with NAB throughout my life.
People in Cameroon are just people.  They are busy, have enough friends and have things to do.  They don’t need you. Because this is a communal society where people help each other, if they become your friend you will help them.  Peace and brotherhood is a much higher value than truth and fact among Christians and non-Christians alike.  Communication is harder than it looks and requires a great deal of grace, understanding and forgiveness.

Remember to pray for me.
  1. My job involves travel which in every third world country is dangerous and living in different places make you vulnerable to illnesses in the area. I’m serious when I ask people to pray for safety and health.
  2. As I said earlier, I struggle with the tyranny of the urgent. I would value prayer that my walk with God be a priority.
  3. My job means that I often see people in a vulnerable place. Pray for wisdom, discernment and discretion.  May I be an encouragement.

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Paul and Tanya Gerricke

Being young and feeling such a strong conviction to help develop Camp Falcon Rock in Romania, is a little overwhelming. We both know that we have been called to this ministry however we also know that we have many shortcomings. We are prayerful for a strong community to come up around this mission as we know that the Kingdom can only be advanced through the power of the body of Christ!

Please pray for us.
  1. Financial Support for the Camp Falcon Rock capital campaign
  2. Continued wisdom as we progress in the camp building and program development plans
  3. Guidance and support for Tamas and Tunde (Camp Falcon Rock’s camp directors) and us, as we work closely together to develop this ministry.
  4. Patience and diligence as we continue to try and grasp the Hungarian language!

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Balgonie Baptist Church is affiliated with the Saskatchewan Baptist Association and the North American Baptists.